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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Cabinate not half-baked but over-baked

I fully agree with the statement made by Pak Lah the Prime Ministry while baking kuih bahulu at the 2006 Agro-basd Industry Expo at PWTC on Thursday Feb 16, 2006 that his cabinate is not half-baked

The latest cabinate line up announced by the Prime Minister is actually OVER-BAKED because it comprises of

1. Long expired Ministers , corrupted and with no new ideas like Rafidah Aziz and Sammy Vellu .
2. Tired and unimaginative like Lim Kheng Yeik minister since Tun Razak days
3. Scandalous : Nazri(Taxi Permits issue),
4. Anti Islam - all nine non muslim ministers who signed the memorandum questioning the sovereignity of syariah court were all retained and the one non muslim minister that did not signed was dropped.
5. Azmi Khalid of Perlis was retained despite losing MT seat in the UMNO General Election probably because he was married to a show-biz personality and Effendi Norwawi too was brought to the Cabinate after taking promoting Tiara Jacquilin to the title of Datin.
6. Tunku Adnan of the was brought back probably to revive Bukit Tinggi Resort as a tourist attraction may be with a new gambling licence.

The list goes on and on.

One thing for sure this over baked cabinate has no room for recourse all should be replaced even Deputy PM should be replacd over the purchase of Adnan armoured tank for RM 2.0 billion and now grounded while still under warranty.


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