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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

New Palestinian cabinet lineup

GAZA CITY, March 28 - The radical Islamist movement Hamas is set Tuesday to win the seal of approval of lawmakers for its first government, more than two months after its stunning election victory.

The following is a list of the proposed new cabinet:

Prime Minister: Ismail Haniya (also sports minister)
Deputy prime minister: Nasseredine al-Shaer (also education minister)

Finance minister: Omar Abdelrazek
Foreign minister: Mahmud al-Zahar
Interior minister: Said Siam
Economy minister: Alaadine al-Aaraj
Information minister: Yussef Rizqa

Justice minister: Ahmed al-Khaldi
Health minister: Bassem Naim
Local government minister: Issa al-Jaabari
Public works minister: Ziad al-Zhazha
Employment minister: Mohammed Barghuthi

Communications and technology minister: Jamal al-Khodari
Prisoner affairs minister: Wasfi Kabha
Culture minister: Attallah Abu al-Sabeh
Planning minister: Samir Abu Eisheh
Tourism minister: Judeh Mourqos

Transport minister: Abdelrahman Zidane
Agriculture minister: Mohammed al-Agha
Social affairs minister: Fakhri al-Turkmani
Women's affairs minister: Mariam Saleh
Religious affairs minister: Nayef Rajub
Jerusalem affairs minister: Khaled Abu Arafeh
Refugee affairs minister: Atef Edwane


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